Announcements 12/03/2020 03:21:18am

Dropship Posters - Niche Products You Can Sell Online



Drop Shipping... Sure... we do that.

Our new policy is the same as our old policy.

  1. We're wholesale only - this means no refunds so order one for yoursef first before ordering 100 for your store to make sure you're familiar with our product.
  2. Invoices will NOT be included with any order unless you specifically request it.
  3. Sure, you can sell on Ebay, Etsy, Bonanza, Amazon, etc., but those venues are the toughest markets with the lowest sell through at the lowest markups. What works best are sales through brick and mortar stores, private site flash sales, custom boutique websites, and other outlets that aren't as overcrowded.
  4. In store retailers should expect an average selling price of $15 for 18x24 inche prints, $25 for 24x36, and $40 for 36x54.

With this new policy you don't even need an account! But you'll need to sign up to see past orders and keep your order information on hand so you don't need to fill it out again and again. Plus, from time to time, we'll send an offer just for registered users that you'll miss out on.

So... read the wholesale terms here, and start selling!