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Wholesale Posters - Vintage, Old Timey Crate & Can Labels Printed As Posters. Makes Me Want To Go A-Pickin'.

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Alert Mountain Lion label poster
Alert Brand Grown & Packed By Sacramento San Joaquin Land Co. Main Office San Francisco, Cal..
Alphabetical Brand Valencias Oranges Label Poster
Alphabetical Reg.U.S.Pat.Off. Brand Valencias The Villa Park Orchards Assn. Inc. Villa Park -..
Apples Wenatchee Washington label poster
Minimum Contents One Volume Bushel Yum-Yum Brand Apples Packed and Shipped By Members Of Skook..
Arizona Indian on Horse label poster
Ariz-Glo Brand Arizona Desert Fruit Consolidated Citrus Growers Mesa, Arizona Produce of USA. ..
Art Lily Flower label poster
Lily Brand Picture showing 2 Lily's..
Battle Front Tank and Guns shooting poster
Grown In U.S.A. Battle Front Brand Sunflower Packing Corporation Porterville, California Tank an..
Belt Brand Oranges Label poster
Belt Brand Grown in U.S.A. Grown & Packed By Gold Buckle Association East Highlands San Bernard..
Best Strike Baseball Player Apples  poster
Best Strike Brand Pajaro Valley Apples Packed and Shipped By Mitchell Madesko Contents One ..
Bull Dog label poster
Bull Dog Brand Randolph Marketing Co. California Grown In USA Reg. By Randolph Marketing Co., 1..
Camellia Brand Oranges Label poster
Camellia Brand Packed By Redlands Mutual Orange ASSN. Grown in USA Registered U.S. Pat.OFF. ..
Cape Cod Cranberries label poster
Canal Brand Contents One Half US Standard BBL. Cranberries Boston Canal Route Mass. Plymouth Wa..
Cock - Robin Brand Fruits Label poster
Cock - Robin Brand Redlands Highlands Fruit Exchange Redlands - Highlands California Grown i..
Cock of the Walk label poster
Valencias Grown in U.S.A. Cock of the Walk Brand Reg. US.Pat.Off. Grown and Packed By Santi..
Collie Brand Lemons vintage advertising poster
Collie Brand Picked and Packed By San Dimas Lemon Association San Dimas, Los Angeles CO., CAL. S..
Collie Los Angeles CA Label poster
Collie Brand Picked and Packed By San Dimas Lemon Association San Dimas, Los Angeles Co., Cal. ..
Corona Citrus Little Boy in Red Car label Poster
O.I.C. Brand Grown & Packed By Corona Citrus Association Little Boy in Red Car...
Corona Lily Label poster
Corona Lily Brand Label showing a picture of a Lily Flower..
Crusader Tobacco label poster
Crusader Tobacco. Watson & McGill Petersburg, VA, USA...
Daisy Flower label poster
Daisy Brand Picture showing a White Daisy Flower...
Dixie Aroma Strawberry label poster
Barger & Golightly Sales Agents Contents 24 Quarts Dry Measure Kentucky Dixie Aromas Trade Ma..
Dominator airplane shooting WWII Poster
Packed and Shipped by T.O. Tomasello Co. Main Office Watsonville Calif. Dominator Brand Pro..
Donkey Vigor Brand label poster
Vigor Brand Grown & Packed By Sacramento San Joaquin Land Co. Main Office San Francisco,Calif..
East Texas Sweet Potatoes Label poster
Temptation Brand East Texas Sandy Land Sweet Potatoes 50 LBS. Net Packed & Distributed By T...
Faust Red Sockeye Salmon label poster
4 Doz. Cans 1/2 LB. Net Weight Faust Brand Choicest Red Sockeye Salmon Packed By the Fidalgo ..
Fido Brand Citrus Label poster
Fido Brand Orosi Foothill Citrus Association Orosi, Tulare Co. California Shipped Thru Linds..
Glider Brand Glider label poster
Valencias Glider Brand Reg.US Dist. Off. Grown & Packed By Fillmore Citrus Assn. Fillmore ..
Greyhound Brand Lemon Association poster
Greyhound Reg.U.S. Pat. Off Brand Grown & Shipped By San Dimas Lemon Association San Dimas Los..
Hatchet Brand Sugar Corn label poster
2 Doz. No 2 Hatchet Brand Hatchet Brand Reg. Pat. U.S. Off. The Twitchell-Champlin Co. Portl..
Hey Look! Sonoma County Label Poster
Hey Look! Brand Contents One Bushel Main Office San Francisco California Pacific Fruit Exc..
Indian Hill Fancy Valencias label poster
Indian Hill Fancy Valencias Grown & Packed By Indian Hill Citrus Assn. North Pomona, Los Angeles..
Kentucky Cardinal label poster
Minimum Volume 1 Bushel Kentucky Cardinal Brand Henry P. Barrett Henderson, KY. Beautiful Red ..
Ketch - Em Brand Salmon Eggs label poster
Ketch - Em Brand Lands'Em! Ketch - Em Brand Salmon Eggs With Natural Salmon Oil Packed By Asto..
King's Cadets Asparagus label poster
King's Cadets Brand California Green Asparagus Grown and Packed By Calif. F.S. and F.E. Cla..
Knight and Lady on Horse Lochinvar label post Poster
Lochinvar Brand Grown and Packed By Gold Buckle Association, East Highlands, San Bernardino Co. ..
KO Brand Apples label poster
Extra Fancy Contents 40 LBS. Net K-O Brand Apples Grown & Packed By Karr Orchards Yakima, Wash...
La Habra Valley Lemons & Oranges label Poster
Index Brand Index Brand Index Mutual Association Des Moines Station La Habra, California In..
La Reina California label poster
La Reina Grown in U.S.A. Rialto Orange Co. Rialto San Bernardino Co. California Beautiful wom..
Lady looking out a window Yaqui Fruit label Poster
Shipped By Yaqui Fruit USA C. Obregon, Sonora, Mexico Office At Los Angeles Calif. Lady looki..
Liberty and Eagle Terra Bella CA label poster
Majorette Brand Grown And Packed By Richgrove - Jasmine Citrus Assn. Terra Bella, Calif...
Man on Horse playing Polo Label poster
Polo Brand Grown in the U.S.A. Grown & Packed By Gold Buckle Ass'n., East Highlands, San Berna..
Mariposa Flowers label poster
Mariposa Brand Reg.US Pat. Off. Valencias Grown and Packed By Mupu Citrus Assn. Santa Paula..
Mornin Judge Grapefruit & Oranges Label Poster
Mornin Judge Grapefruit & Oranges Contents 1 3/5 BU. Produce of U.S.A. ..
Orange Queen Brand Label poster
Orange Queen Brand American Fruit Growers Inc. Los Angeles California Harlequin Lady with Or..
Outboard brand Apples label poster
Outboard Brand Apples Red Apple Product of USA One Volume Bushel Packed and Shipped By Chelan..
Over There Soldiers charging label poster
Over There Brand California's Finest Oranges Packed By H.G. Heath Pomona California Distri..
Pala Brave Brand Indian Head label poster
Valencias Pala Brave Brand Grown In USA Packed By Bradford Bros.,INC. Placentia California..
Placentia Orange County Calif. label poster
Valencias Albion Brand Placentia Mutual Orange Assn. Placentia Orange County California..
Placentia Orange County California label post Poster
Miracle Brand Bradford Bros. Inc. Placentia Orange County California Grown In USA...
Poppy Flowers label poster
Poppy Brand Picture of beautiful Poppy Flowers...
Purple Cow Washington Apples Label poster
Purple Cow Washington Apples Purple Cow For Me!! C.M. Holtzinger Fruit Co. Yakima, Washington C..